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google maps business, how do I use it and what does it do for my business

  google maps business, in light of the finance site's coverage of My Business, we will get to know In this article, what are Google Business Maps, where Google provides this feature in your business profile on Google Business? With the aim of helping you grow and reach a large segment of people, and this helps increase your profits. Forward before that an article on google my business management

google maps business, how do I use it and what does it do for my business

google maps business

Business Google Maps is an excellent way to identify potential customers Your geographical location and easy access to you as this feature is integrated with the service Google My Business The goal is when you search the Google search engine for your business name It appears at the top of your Google Business activity listing, next to your activity photos with  Detailed address of your activity, how to get there, and highlights around it, so it matters Very in increasing customer confidence in you.

How to use google maps business

In order to use google maps business smoothly and easily, you first have to You have completed all your business profile information on Google Search Your account is active The most important thing is that you have added it when registering in Google My Business, as your geographical location on Google Maps After completing all this, you must log in to My Business, and then you can follow all about it google maps business from the comments section to follow the geo-ratings And the information section, the home page, and statistics.

Add google maps business

In order to add google maps business, you must add it while adding your business to the first Once to Google Business where it asks you do you want to add a geographic location that customer can visit and then gives you options Yes or No You have to choose Yes in order to be able to reach customers who are near your geographical location, and even you can Add your business on Google Maps, which

 is a step that appears to you after typing your address in full, and all you have to do is choose with the mouse The location you are in and Google automatically determines where you are, because if you choose, you are not required to choose your work location on the map In detail.

What is the difference between google maps business and google maps

  • google maps business

It is a feature that Google provides to you within your My Business profile so that you can add your geographical location With ease, this will help customers reach you easily.

  • google maps

It is a separate service provided by Google with the aim of serving as your smart assistant in case you want to access a site Or a restaurant or anything on the ground, where business owners can benefit from it by including their geographical location on google maps.

In the end, almost the goal of these services is convergent and unified, which is to facilitate people's lives and help business owners to grow

At the end of this article, and after we got to know google maps business in a simple way, we hope that you liked this article, and thank you all.

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