google my business advertising, How to set up and manage Google My Business

google my business advertising, there are a lot of business owners looking for how to advertise on google my business Therefore, through the afinance website, we will learn how to set up and manage my Google My Business account before launching The advertising campaign and we will also learn how to advertise on google business, as it is one of the free platforms that enable you to Appear better on the Google search engine, free and

google my business advertising, How to set up and manage Google My Business

google my business advertising

Are you coming to talk about Google's Business Profile formerly called Google My Business what time is it going to talk about ways to better listen organically to the biggest that more customers have discovered and Saturday is the next iteration we're talking about today that can help Your business on Google Profile is discovered frequently because we are a game like Morgan is an online discovered player If you are a local business then you know that if you want more calls from customers If you want more messages from customers If you want them for your business With yourself to stay around this 

instructable, this is not an overly complex triangle with a lot of most of it more complex and involved in the setup for what we have here today, so today we talked about local Google like wait till businesses talk about different Google search terms, just go in your way on google search results page or in google maps you can see what's in the good bad options for you because any time google local search ads come up on screen here the real best tour near me and very Toppy, look t to this google screen section sometimes google might say guarantee dad here these three hero is called google local services great 

ads but it's not what we're talking about today you can cook more real estate go to more stuff and this is another video for another time talking about search terms different google, just go to google search results page or in google maps you can see what's in the good options are bad for you because any time your local search ads appear on your screen google search on screen here the best real tour near me And so happy for this Google screen section Sometimes Google might say this added these three heroes called Google Local Services Ads are great, but they're not what we're talking about today and you can cook up more real estate agencies Go to more stuff for Dad, that's Another video for another time called Google Logo Pack, as the Google Logo Bag is where you earn in Google search organically with the 

Google Business Profile I talked about, it's a piece of the map and it's back Sometimes you might see an ad in the local bag in the ad that runs the day we actually put it there but usually it doesn't usually happen is someone clicks on more companies there in the local back and it opens called a local finder and you'll usually see These ads you hear this is one place like this there goes to the top these local searches now they can count on google search they can rank in google maps that's one place they can score pretty well now it's not just here in the local fire and google searches also on google maps so i opened google maps now i have roasting near me and again i see ads and ad on top sometimes you can see what result i got p wear a remoted pen one of the pens looks like a different color the promotion is actually easier all you have to do is search Again a lot to talk about how easy it is to operate, it can appear inside Google Maps and Google Search sometimes in the local package but really it's Google Maps, Google Search Local Finder made it easy.

How To Setup And Create Google My Business Ads

let's go to the bishop of orlando so this is going to be google if you are going to show normal google ads here is it all here down here again showing the day they will run here sometimes here if they are not in different categories i have in the other categories, It wouldn't be there and then we'll show you a couple of different cases where I've got different types down here seeing this card is you and you have a normal website, it just has a Google business site let's move on to the Google guarantee should you 

actually qualify to use it properly , you can just use it properly with google guarantee to get various factors your reviews what is housekeeping in jacksonville fl FL write your ads here so i won't get anything here here ok ads popped up in maps then we got local google won before, and how it happens. ork What is the look if you ever win the actual start of google ads you just came to add stop click start where you will sign up check your eligibility and what state you are in job category list choose carpet cleaner just feel sam alabama let's go and i'm actually what is the zip code in alabama 

only 352, i'll take you to the next page yeah that qualifies a bit you want to get started and I hope your course is in the top search results you pay only for real leeds with a local atmosphere I had a roofing edge, for example running Google ads and spending close to $20,000 a month and with Google ensured we broke it down into about 8000 a month and were able to get quality leads and it was cheaper leeds helping everyone you can start your dinner And your business information registration phone number for this right, this helps you to qualify you to create your service area what is your service opening 

hours in the preview in your hair, there is another thing really cool until I wanted to appear properly called spyfu and this helps you if you are going to steal your competition you know that traffic Traffic wanted Just to show you this but spyfu one Bright just use that again and we want to see we might have stopped his dad and we want to know what happened, you can do that with Facebook too, which is really cool and it started a few years ago but you write your competitor and he made it clear you how 

many organic keywords have how many paid keywords have what is your monthly payout or monthly pay per click ads what is your estimated google ads budget you can even reach as far as actually showing you some paper click ads that are Show them the right open and stop anyway what are also some useful paid keywords running my business on google they also show you some good how much they are paying per click what is the proper coverage all this is really good info n When you go to Google My Business ads create your own ads well

All you will find out is for example when you look at the ads, the longer they run, the more likely it will work, so when you get to it let's figure this out, you know this is Facebook like ok, but different when you take Facebook and you go to Pages let's unite let's go to one of the bishops out of curiosity and go to this my competition might be now scroll down and scroll down scroll down page Transparency in ad library show me if they are working properly I don't want to see the Philippines clearly but that's what I am on it, but it will only show you if they are showing any ads of any kind and if they are showing it's really cool because they are so talented so maybe I need to run ads at night and I can also see what kind 

of family they're running so let's go through all the ads On this kind of computer you can see this ad and it's been running since the July appointment tells me it PR is probably a very successful ad so what you want to look at is the ads that run longer there are more successful if you just started, let's say this is from september but they have another plus it works all the way from january to february to lie this tells me it will probably be more successful than some others so what i'm going to do with this is good i'll take the same info same copy and i'll edit the copy from Apparently you images similar to landing pages in cinema we have traffic and we will do the same that is why we use fire feed look at google ads 

then they got our google guarantee same as usual google ads setup hope this video today is very helpful In terms of Google My Business ads and running on my Google as well as also doing it on Facebook, not only because you're SEO means you shouldn't run because you check that it's just the opposite, you should be able to Afford And Get Are Forever Now So You Can Run Ads Here's Why, For example, if I'm a roofer in Atlanta, it's better to show up here and the inorganic tsunami occupies three spots instead of a spot One, I know you understand the more digital real estate I can take up on Google, the better for 

my business, so that means my ads are my business opportunity to be able to see them not just once but maybe 2 or maybe 3 clicks the more opportunity I have I get to see you better again, my name is William Jones and the day we covered my Google commercials, the tools are simply used with a Google spyfu search and then the Facebook Ad Library to cover Facebook.

Steps to advertise on google my business

First, in order to get the best possible results, you must:

  • Define your target audience
  • Determine your goal for the advertising campaign in the account
  • Select the budget
  • Choose the keywords you want to appear in
  • Create a new account on the Google Ads platform
  • Choose the option to create a new campaign
  • Enter the targeting data in the advertising campaign such as (city-state - audience category)
  • Enter your pre-selected business keywords
  • Enter the advertisement data from the title, description, photos, and video, if any

google business manager

Create your business profile If not, keep watching From the homepage, click the login button located in the upper right corner of the window, then click Create an account to manage a workable option that will take you to a form and require your first name And the last to sign in to your Google account an email address If you can compose a Gmail from this phone or use an existing email address from a different provider like Yahoo or Outlook by clicking the Use my existing email address link Instead, I'd like to keep Things are separate so I always use a Gmail address with a business name

 and I want to set up a Google business profile for a fictitious removal company list called Removal Brigade and use the address name that makes it easy to remember to set up the password and then click next you will be asked to enter a number Phone Do not enter a fake number here as it will be used to issue If your account you can add a recovery email address I suggest you do for security purposes your 

date of birth and gender then click Next me, then you will be asked to verify your phone number via a text message, tap send, then enter the verification code you should have received what you have done, tap Google Verify It asks if you want to add your phone number to other Google services, I suggest you Clicking the Yes I mean here on the next screen Take a quick personalization radio Click the Next button and scroll down on the next window to confirm that your settings do the same with the Privacy

 and Terms page. You can go to the next step, start creating your business profile, go to business management and sign in to the google account you want to say ate with your business profile if you just created an account you should already be logged in, This will take you to the Google Business Profile Manager If your business has been established for a while, it's possible that Google 

already knows about it and has created a business listing for it based on information you've gathered around the web to Find out Start typing your business name into the search box if you see your business is being Include it in a specific dropdown and follow the process to claim the management list because in that it will prevent you from creating a duplicate list that may affect the visibility of your business on Google Maps for most of you watching this video are you stupid there is no existing profile for your business so you can say please select the create option Company with this name from the dropdown menu, this will take you to the first step of the profile creation process by default the first field should 

already be filled in with your business name the second field is all about using a category that is the most suitable for your business which is crucial to the success of your listing Google uses your category to determine how relevant your businesses in relation to keywords people are searching for which in turn will impact where your business rank on Google Maps results start typing what you think would be

 a good option this will trigger a drop down with possible matches in my example the decision is fairly straightforward and there is only one option available moving company but depending on your business type you might find out multiple options are applicable let's say I was creating a profile for dentist for example the choice is no longer as clear-cut the trick is to be as specific as possible and to choose a categories based on the service or product that generates most of your revenue once you've made your decision click on next on the next window you be asked if you want to add a location customers can 

visit if you run a brick and mortar store or an office and have a physical address where customers can get to take the yes for your button and then next you'll be asked to add the exact address of the location where your business is based on location you add will show on Google Maps in the form of the red pin like this one my fictitious removal company doesn't have a physical address where customers can visit 

so I'm just going to go back one step and use the no option choosing this option is recommended if your service area type of business such as a plumber and electrician a locksmith and visit people at the Adding a physical address my removal company operate in the city of London and in the Kent area so I'm just going to add these two locations which using this option your business will not be represented with a red PIN on the map instead the area you cover will be drawn on the map and delimited with a red line once you're done click on next regardless of whether you've chosen to add an address or service 

areas you then be asked to add a phone number where customers can contact you and a website address both of which will display on your business profile if you don't have a website just take the box I don't have the website then take them next if you want to receive updates and recommendations from Google for your business take the yes option on this window then move on to the next step in order for your profile to be publicly visible and for you to be able to manage your business information it needs to be verified for this Google uses different methods of verification which will depend on your business type 

and your geographical location most of you are likely to see your screen asking you to verify your business by post if this is the case just add your postal address and click on next on the following screen and to your name in the contact name field and click on Mel you should then see a message saying a postcode containing a verification code has been sent to you which you should receive in about 4 days once you see the post In a few minutes if this scenario applies to you click on continue some of you 

might be asked to verify your listing using video recording instead to do this you need to create a video that include outside signature or street name show inside your business and areas only employees can access this should be done in one continuous recording to do this click on the stop recording button using your mobile phone log into your Google account scan the QR code and start recording you will need to schedule a time with the Google representative for the video verification code for another 

method a few of you might see is the ability to verify your profile directly by a phone call or an email is the verification code from either and enter the code as soon as you received it since the vast majority of you watching this video is likely to fall into a postcard scenario please take it from there and continue setting up your profile this is all about services to your profile you provide your customers based on the business category you have chosen for your business Google will have Even add others if you don't see any suitable options you can add your very own custom ones once you're done just click on next time to add your business hours specify

your real opening and closing times you don't want to deceive customers by pretending you are open when you are not click on next visitors can interact with you through messages directly from your Google my business profile this feature is enabled by default you can disable it if you want but I would suggest you keep it turned on to make it easier for customers to reach out to you then click on next the next thing you need to do is to answer a business description which would appear right at the bottom of your business profile panel use the description to share useful information about your services your

 history and how you started off think of it as an about us page you would have on your website make the most of the 750 characters you can use then click on next time to add photos to Showcase your business and make your profile more attractive to customers you can add photos of your Store from some of the products you sell the services you provide your team members etc don't use a stock photos Google doesn't really like them make sure they are unique to your business once you've done they 

come next you can claim an £80 free advertising credit you can use on Google add I suggest you skip this as you can claim these voucher later if you're interested on the next screen click on continue within seconds you should be redirected to a new window called Google business profile manager which is where we are going to optimise your profile further Stand out in search results the homepage of your dashboard is used by Google to communicate important information and news regarding your profile but also to make suggestions about other services you might want to use in relation to your business such as creating a professional email address for example I'm not going to cover them all here instead 

I'm going to focus on the most important ones starting with the one at the very top of the page which is about managing your business profile directly on Google search and Google Maps if you only tried on search button you will be redirected to Google Search results from where you can edit your business information directly almost all features available on your Google business profile manager can be found here when clicking on the edit profile option a pop-up window will open from which you can update your business details which will be reflected almost instantly on your listing you can also do this on the 

fly by your mobile phone as long as you're logged into your Google account which is quite practical if you are always on the road Google announced that sometime in 2022 this will be the only way to update your business details if you have a single business profile Google business find manager will only be available for those of you with more than one profile so the sooner you get used to this interface the better at the time of recording this video the business profile manager is still available for everyone 

if you're watching this and no longer have access to the business profile manager the easiest way to access your profile will be to go to Google log into your Google account and search for your business you should then be able to update your details please go back to the profile manager for now the second message is a reminder that your profile needs to be verified which is something you should do as soon as you receive your verification code if you call down a little you should see a notification that your 

profile is only 80% complete and missing a logo to add one click on the Plus button from there you should be able not only to add a logo but also a cover photo which are the most important images for your profile your logo with your hair when your cover photo will show up there the recommended dimensions for your logo or 712 pixels by 712 pixels while your cover photo should be 1024 by 756 pixels I'm going to a Put your logo and cover photos displayed next to the images you added when you created your profile we're almost there just a couple more touches to increase your chances of getting more customers from the left-hand side menu click on the info option this is what you can access and edit all the business information you have filled in

google my business login

First, to sign in to your google my business account, you need to go to the Google search engine and books ( and press ente Then choose Sign in from the right side at the top and type the mail that you previously registered with in Google Business, and if it is If you have more than one account that you have registered with, click on any of them and you will be entered into your Google My Business account.

 Can you advertise on Google My Business?

Yes, you can do that by setting up the account and preparing it to be ready to launch the advertising campaign through the Google Ads platform

What is the difference between Google My Business and Google Ads?

Google My Business is a system provided by Google free of charge in order to help business owners add data The business is on Google and it appears to the customer when they search on Google. As for Google Ads, it is a paid service that enables you to Promote your business by launching a paid advertising campaign on Google and appearing in the first search results.

How much is it to advertise my business on Google?

In fact, there is no specific percentage or constant that reminds you of how much advertising on Google costs, because every business owner has a goal different from the other.

Is advertising your business on Google free?

It is not free but paid and the percentage of the cost varies depending on the goal of the advertisement

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