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google my business management, and how do I create a new account

 google my business management, through the finance site, we will learn how to manage my Google My Business account Because when you create a new account in Google Business, you cannot control and manage it, so this negatively affects you and you notice that your work It did not achieve the required or expected growth, as the manage business account system is unified for all users because there is no paid plan It gives you more features.

google my business management, and how do I create a new account

google my business management

 google my business management is the best and easiest way to manage your business online And without any cost, and that is why it provides you with a special page under the name of the business profile on Google, which allows you to create a panel for your business

It bears the name of the activity and category and the addition of the geographical location of the company and others, which means that you have to communicate easily with potential customers Leaving a good first impression about your business, presenting the services you provide, displaying the best that your business offers, and finally highlighting your business on the Internet

manage business account

  • In order to manage your business account you must do the following
  • Add a set of information about my business
  • Type the trade name and category and press Next
  • Click on add a geographic location for clients
  • Type your full business address (country, street address, city, province and zip code)
  • Choose your location on the map
  • And choose whether or not you offer a delivery service, home visits, etc
  • Then add the full contact information (phone number and website link)
  • He agreed to be informed of the latest developments
  • Choose the ownership verification method (email or contact name)
  • Then I send the postcard to you

In the end, you can easily manage your business account on Google by clicking on the icon present

On the side of the main page, which is located in it (section of posts, information, statistics, comments and messages images, products, website, and users)

And if you want to delve deeper into management and get the best results, you can click on (Create an ad or create a beautiful account custom or add a new company)

And go to the last section where it is located (commercial activities and proof of ownership and link to advertisements, settings and technical support)

google my business login

  • How to register in Google Business requires a set of steps, which are:
  • First, you must have a Google account, and if you do not have an account, you should search in Google for creating an account
  • Then search for Google Business Administration in the search engine until you reach the page (commercial file management control panel)
  • Click on Sign In if you are not signed in to Google
  •   Or click on manage file now in case of registration
  • Then follow the required information

google my business management pricing

In fact, Google My Business is officially provided by Google to all the world, But there are people with experience in managing My Business files who price this The services they provide, and this varies according to the number of years of experience, meaning the prices of services begin My business management pricing from $200, and in the end the best If you do not have experience in managing your business profile on Google Business, you should participate in such activities Services.

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At the end of this article, and after we got acquainted with managing a Google Business account, we wish you all the best.

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