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Google My Business, What does it do for an online business

 Google My Business, in light of the ongoing coverage of finance, we will get acquainted simply with Google Business or as some call it My Business, how does it work and what is its function on companies and institutions, as this service was launched by Google with the aim of Helping small, medium and even large companies to grow their business via the Internet, we presented before that Google Finance

Google My Business, What does it do for an online business

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free service that helps your customers find and connect with you. A service that provides information about your business, such as photos and reviews, so customers can get a better idea of ​​your topic or company and choose who to do business with. It also helps you grow your business by providing exposure to potential customers and being visible in search results for your business name.

Google My Business is the platform powered by Google that helps small businesses grow and connect with customers. With the powerful tools and insights that the platform provides, you can build a better reputation for your online business, increase sales, and connect with the people who matter most. When you sign up, it will automatically send you a welcome email that walks you through the most popular uses of the platform and gives you access to your dashboard so you can get started right away.

In addition to Google My Business, your one-stop shop for managing your brand and building your community, you can find all the information and tools you need to interact with your customers, build your brand, and get more referrals. Whether you are a new company or an organization, it has everything you need to increase your online presence, increase sales, and build better relationships with your existing customers and the community. an introduction

How to use Google My Business

Setting up a Google My Business listing is a fairly simple process. Here are the steps:

  • Create a new account on Google My Business, and if you already have an account, you must log in
  • Add your business name and it must not be duplicated until it appears when you search for it on Google, and if you already have a name previously, prove your ownership of it
  • Enter all your business details (such as an address, phone number, etc.)
  • Then confirm the details and click continue
  • Then choose the verification method by sending you a code via your e-mail, click on Verify which is the best, or Verify later
  • Then add a set of photos or videos about your business, means of communication, and other details about the activity
  • Confirm everything and click confirm now
  • Then choose the appropriate verification method for you and the best is to verify through the mail on the phone
  • Review your email address and then add the name of your contact. And press the Mail button to receive the postal PIN card within 5 working days
  • After obtaining it, log in to your business account in Google My Business and click on Enter the five-digit PIN code and send
  • Do not attempt to modify anything during this period.

Your Google My Business Profile Data

When using Google My Business, you must add the following to your personal files:

  • Trade name, address, and phone numbers
  • Your website or store link
  • class your work
  • Opening hours and holidays
  • Add your location on Google Maps
  • Add social media accounts
  • Add at least 30-second photos and videos for your business
  • Links to specific actions such as orders, online reservations, or viewing

Business Settings

Through the Business Settings page, you can set this information

  • Change your language
  • Choose your preferred email
  • You can activate the feature to receive customer messages or not
  • You can activate the feature to receive customer comments or not
  • Activate reservations for your business
  • Activate the feature to display photos about your business
  • You can activate the product updates feature
  • You can activate the statistics feature
  • Adjust the quality of your business profile
  • Set the question and answer feature about your type of business
  • Activate the post feature

Google business location

This page allows you, after entering it, to take these actions, which are: 
Add your business through the blue Add a business button Or when you click on it, another option appears, which is to import commercial activities Then follow the procedures required of you until the business activity bar is completed to 100%, which isIt is at the top, and then at the bottom it shows you 
the status of my activity.

Google my business reinstatement request

You must follow these steps to get your business back on Google Business
  • The real name of the company must be added
  • Do not add any letters or symbols, such as the dollar sign, etc
  • You should not add any words that are not related to the activity
  • Your profile information on Google My Business is incomplete
  • Add companies that encourage intimidation and war
  • Add a company that has no owner
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